Questions to Ask

Questions to ask your doctor about your breast cancer treatment

•What type of breast cancer do I have and what stage is it?

•Am I HER2/nu positive or negative?

•How far advanced is my cancer? (What stage is it?)

• What treatment options are available for this stage of breast cancer?

• What are the risks, side effects, or complications of these treatments?

• How long will the treatment take?

• What do you expect my prognosis to be?

• What medicines will I be taking? And for how long?

•Will any of these treatments cause premature menopause or infertility?

• Are these proven or experimental techniques, methods, or medications?

• Is this treatment covered by insurance?

• Can you recommend someone for a second opinion?

• Are any changes in diet or lifestyle necessary before, during, or after treatment?

• What are the options for breast reconstruction, if surgery is recommended?

•Will treatment keep me from doing certain things I enjoy?

•How often will I be checked after treatment?

•Can I go back to normal daily activities after treatment?

•Are there any clinical trials that might be beneficial?

•What has been your experience with cancer patients similar to me?

•Can you recommend any patient support groups in my area?

•Are there materials I can read about my cancer?

Questions to ask about chemotherapy

•What specific type of chemotherapy is right for me?

•Can chemotherapy ease my symptoms?

•What can I do to cope with side effects?

•Should I consider chemotherapy as a preventative treatment?

•How long will my chemotherapy treatments last?

•Will I be able to return to my normal activities after chemotherapy?

•What experiences have other patients had with similar chemotherapy regimens?


Questions to Ask Before Having Radiation Therapy

•Why do I need this treatment?

•What are the risks and side effects?

•When will the treatments begin?

•When will they end?

•How will I feel during therapy?

•What can I do to take care of myself during therapy?

•Can I continue my normal activities?

•How will my breast look afterward?

•What are the chances of the tumor coming back in my breast?


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